Call Center Solutions

High Risk Transactions: Can Your Call Center Deliver?

Most financial institutions decline these transactions in their call centers today because of fraud concerns, leaving their customers frustrated with going to the branch as their only option.

Card Replacements To Alternate Address

Change of Address Phone or Email

High $$$ Wire Transfers

Order Checkbooks

Password Resets

Account Opening

Frustrate the fraudster, not your customer!

Start providing your customers with full service in your call center with the PersoKey Advanced Verification Platform, while keeping fraudsters out.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Customer contacts your call center to request a high-risk transaction:

  • High $$$ value wire transfer
  • Card replacements to alternate address
  • Change of address

  • Step 2

    Call center rep initiates a verification request on the PersoKey Web Portal and obtains a verification code

  • Minimal integration
  • Rapid setup

  • Step 3

    Customer launches the PersoKey Authenticator app with their verification code

  • Easy access direct from the App Store
  • Fast and easy to use

  • Step 4

    Within a few clicks, PersoKey's advanced technology quickly and securely authenticates the customer and makes a recommendation using the following:

  • Mobile SIM Authentication
  • Phone Ownership Matching
  • Mobile Geolocation and IP Address Intelligence
  • Intelligent Face Recognition

  • Step 5

    Success! Your customer can complete their high risk transaction, saving a trip to the branch.


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