Social Platform Solutions

User Profiles: Real or Fake?

Most social platforms contain fake profiles, cloned identites and fraudulent schemes, harming membership and customer satisfaction.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

User creates a new account or chooses to enhance their existing profile:

  • Service providers (nanny, housesitter, elder care)
  • Online dating
  • Person-to-person classified ad or forum

  • Step 2

    A verification request is generated and our secure verification system instantly delivers an RSVP Code to the user via web or email

  • Minimal integration
  • Rapid setup
  • Integrate into your site or easily redirect through ours

  • Step 3

    User launches the PersoKey Authenticator app with their RSVP Code

  • Easy access direct from the App Store
  • Fast and easy to use

  • Step 4

    Within a few clicks, PersoKey's advanced technology quickly and securely authenticates the user and returns the result

  • Mobile SIM Authentication
  • Phone Ownership Matching
  • Mobile Geolocation and IP Address Intelligence
  • Intelligent Face Recognition

  • Step 5

    Success! Verified profiles increase trust and allow your users to freely make the connections they're looking for.


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